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  Transformational Yoga Retreats 
 Hiking, Camping and Snowshoe Getaways

       Welcome To Adventures On the Go.            
We offer all-inclusive yoga retreats and back-country hiking, camping and snowshoe getaways in beautiful settings such as California's Sierra Nevada Mountains and northern coast as well as Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks in Utah.

 A favored retreat is our Coastal Zen Retreat in California's beautiful Mendocino County! Hot springs, wine tasting, hikes through the redwoods, the energy and power of the ocean and, of course, glorious yoga await us on this soul-fulfilling retreat in Mendocino.

Join in on one of our set retreats or let us customize an adventure just for you!

Retreat, Rejuvenate and Relax!  Let nature awaken your sense of adventure and restore balance. Our all-inclusive yoga retreats and back-country hiking, camping and snowshoe getaways  include healthy, delicious meals, unique lodging and privately led adventures through some of the most exquisite surroundings Mother Nature has to offer.  Explore canyons, hike mountain peaks, cool off in clear mountain streams and warm up in natural hot springs on our many trip offerings. Connect with nature and reconnect with yourself.

Adventures On The Go allows you to experience the best of the southwest as you journey through slot canyons and hike to towering peaks in Zion National Park and the beautiful American southwest. Find peace as you meditate among hoodoos in Bryce Canyon National Park. Immerse yourself in the desert as you gaze at petroglyphs in a land inhabited by humans 10,000 years ago. Marvel at nature's artwork on a bed of sandstone. View the majesty of the fall colors at sunset as seasons change.

See the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the Lake Tahoe region in California with Adventure on the Go's yoga retreats and camping, hiking and snowshoe getaways in the High Sierra. See Yosemite like never before as you abandon the crowded trails in favor of an adventure into the back-country! Treat yourself to the breathtaking sights of Yosemite through our yoga and yoga-hiking retreats. Feel the exhilaration of reaching the summit of a glacier formed peak and being rewarded with a view of the remnants of the actual glacier. Delight in the wildflowers that populate the meadows in which we hike. Feel humbled as we stretch out for yoga on the warm granite slabs of a gigantic canyon with Half Dome looming in the distance.

If you are in the mood for winter fun, join Adventures on the Go for our invigorating snowshoe trips. Back-country snowshoeing through the High Sierra without a trail in sight! Enjoy the peacefulness of a forest blanketed in snow by day and retreat to the warm, inviting lodge by night for a delicious warm meal. Throw in a massage to round out your bliss.

Our all-inclusive back-country yoga hiking retreats are a unique way to enjoy the beauty of Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah and the High Sierra including the Lake Tahoe area and Yosemite National Park in California. Get off trail and get into a real adventure!

As soon as you experience Mother Nature's yoga studio, you’ll never look at the gym or indoor yoga in the same way again. Come and be one with nature!

Give yourself the gift of relaxation or take advantage of our gift certificates to spread the joy.

Get on out there! Your unforgettable get-a-way awaits.


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