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Transformational Yoga Hiking Retreats

Camping, hiking, lake kayaking, wine tasting, silent sunset yoga overlooking the Pacific ocean...........all joys that await you on an Adventures on the Go getaway. Join us on an adverstised group trip or let us help you create a retreat customized just for you.

Craig's many years of backcountry experience provide him with the versatility to match each guest with a unique fun-filled adventure. One of Craig's greatest joys is sharing the gift of nature with guests. He remains invigorated trip after trip by seeing the outdoors through the eyes of those he is guiding. He loves educating about the plants, animals and sights of a region as well as the accompanying wilderness safety. His calm nature and good humor make him an enjoyable companion for guests and his knowledge and experience in the outdoors allows him to craft a pleasureable trip for guests of all skill levels.

Toni's experience in teaching yoga to a wide variety of students in traditional and untraditional venues turns a customized adventure into a private yoga retreat. Toni is trained in a unique method of yoga that focuses on the success of the individual student. It is a gentle vinyasa style yoga that welcomes students of all fitness levels. In addition to her classroom training, Toni continues with complimentary one-on-one instructor training that she started six years ago. She is fortunate enough to pair her training with the experience of teaching in a traditional setting several times a week and outdoors as part of the adventure yoga retreats.
More on Toni's philosophy and unusual yoga venues here.

Coastal Zen Retreat


California's coastal wine country beckons us..................join us for wine tasting, hot springs, hiking and yoga in this one-of-a-kind getaway. Mendocino County is the perfect place to unwind and find your spiritual center. The steady, gentle nature of the redwoods combines with the powerful ever-changing energy of the ocean to make this place a haven away from the stressors of the outside world.

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